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About the Big Kahuna

My name is Gary and I am Big Kahuna - owner and operator of Big Kahuna's BBQ & Catering LLC  I have pretty much been cooking bbq all my life.  My whole family loves to cook and through them, their different styles and tastes, I have created my own special style of barbeque.

As a young child I remember standing in the kitchen watching my daddy cutting up meats and getting them prepared for the grill.  My mother  then took the meats, seasoned and marinated them for that deep rich flavor!  The smells and tastes of the flavors she used to season the meat stayed not only on my taste buds but in my heart.

There was no propane grill at my house - my dad built a wood grill out of a old oil furnace - this thing was huge!  I swear he  could have cooked a whole cow or pig on in.  When we had a party in the back yard, dad would invite all his friends over and I would be in charge of the fire.  I can't tell you how proud that would make me feel.

My grandma's style was different -  she liked cooking low and slow all day long.  Between Christmas and New Year's, family and friends would come and go tasting what my grandma was cooking in her homemade pit.  Grandma would have me keep watch on the coals and make sure things would not burn in the hot spots.  Man, she would cook everything out there - chicken, pork, beef, rabbit, lamb and even fresh vegetables from her garden. The smells would drive her neighbors crazy!
So that's my story.  I love BBQ.  It brings happiness to family, friends and
neighbors.  Call me and book a catering so I can cook for your family, friends and neighbors and share the love.
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Portland's Best BBQ Catering

Big Kahuna's BBQ & Catering lit it's first fire in 2003 and has been smoking ever since!  We cater all kinds of events; office parties or meetings, Family or school reunions, grand openings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and more - the list goes on and on. We can handle small and large events. So when you want local, fresh, well cooked BBQ you can count on us!